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At CHC Consulting Group LLC, we pride ourselves on giving our clients a boutique experience, with our CEO and full team available whenever a telephone call is needed. CHC Consulting Group is proud to create and maintain jobs here in the United States, never outsourcing our work to other nations. Mr. Reeves and the team at CHC Consulting Group truly think of our clientele as our family. Our clients’ needs are our needs as well. Our team is available and accessible any time to set up a free consultation to discuss meeting all your health center needs.

CHC Consulting Group

At CHC Consulting Group, we are a trusted FQHC consulting firm that specializes in providing strategic advisory services to healthcare organizations. Our extensive experience and deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by FQHCs enable us to offer comprehensive support in optimizing patient care, financial management, and regulatory compliance. Within our firm, we have two subsidiaries, Turbo RCM and CHC Tech Rx, which cater specifically to the needs of FQHCs.

As part of CHC Consulting Group, Turbo RCM focuses solely on revenue cycle management for FQHCs. With our in-depth knowledge of FQHC financial operations, we offer a range of services including claims management, coding accuracy, denials management, and reimbursement optimization. Our main objective is to help FQHCs maximize revenue collection, minimize revenue leakage, and achieve long-term financial sustainability.

Additionally, our subsidiary, CHC Tech Rx, specializes in providing IT solutions tailored specifically to the unique requirements of FQHCs. Our team of IT experts assists FQHCs with EHR implementation, data integration, network security, IT support, and compliance with industry regulations. By leveraging our FQHC IT expertise, we empower healthcare organizations to optimize their IT infrastructure, streamline processes, and ultimately enhance the delivery of patient care.

Together, at CHC Consulting Group and our subsidiaries, we offer a comprehensive suite of services dedicated to supporting FQHCs throughout their operations. We are committed to helping FQHCs thrive in the ever-evolving healthcare landscape by providing tailored solutions that address their specific needs and challenges.

Meet Our Founder

Ronald L. Reeves immersed himself in all components of Federally Qualified Health Centers for over a decade, before opening CHC Consulting Group LLC in 2021. The son of a well-respected Physician, Mr. Reeves understood from a young age the value of a Physician seeing patients without having to worry about the administrative aspects of a facility. Mr. Reeves and his team at CHC Consulting Group make certain that every client is successful. The team at CHC Consulting Group understands the importance of health centers maintaining healthy streams of revenue and improving their profit margins. CHC Consulting Group LLC strives to take the worry away from providers, so that each provider can focus on what they do best: healing patients. Our team can help with all your health center needs: whether those needs are business practices, revenue cycle management, or IT infrastructure solutions.

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