Introducing CHC Tech Rx- A CHC Consulting Group Subsidiary

About CHC Tech RX

CHC Tech Rx is a leading FQHC IT firm specializing in providing comprehensive technology solutions tailored to the unique needs of Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs). With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by FQHCs in managing their IT infrastructure, CHC Tech Rx offers a wide range of services to support and optimize healthcare IT operations. Our team of skilled professionals assists with EHR implementation, data integration, network security, IT support, and compliance with industry regulations.

By leveraging our expertise in FQHC IT, CHC Tech Rx helps healthcare organizations enhance operational efficiency, improve patient care, and navigate the complexities of the healthcare landscape. We offer customized solutions that address the specific needs and requirements of FQHCs, ensuring seamless integration of technology with clinical workflows. With a focus on delivering reliable and secure IT infrastructure, CHC Tech Rx empowers FQHCs to leverage technology effectively, enhance data management, streamline processes, and ultimately provide better healthcare services to their patients.

Azure Based Virtual Environments

“The best part is no part.” – Elon Musk

The IT landscape has shifted in the wake of COVID, with remote work, tele-visits and geographically diverse workforces becoming the norm across nearly every industry. People are connecting to their peers through a wide variety of devices and platforms, and the IT industry has followed suit. Gone are the days of massive server racks, site-to-site VPN’s, local file storage and countless other local provisions that serve as intrusion points, and can put your FQHC at serious risk.

Community Health Centers serve as the most successful primary care delivery system in the United States, and can’t afford even a moment of downtime. Security and performance drove our vision for the Secure Cloud, where our redundant environments make every tool your organization uses available from anywhere YOU allow them, from any device you permit – even with multiple monitors. We can build and design this environment at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

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